Lance’s work has always been very inspirational for me, first his Monon layout, which got me modeling winter, and now his “slowed down” switching stuff. I finally got a chance to visit Lance’s layouts, and can attest that they (and he) are as nice in person as they seem in print.

Here are a few pics.

First Miami.

2016-12-11-15-06-28 2016-12-11-15-06-42 2016-12-11-15-09-02 2016-12-11-15-09-09 2016-12-11-15-09-21 2016-12-11-15-11-30 2016-12-11-15-31-34 2016-12-11-15-31-45 2016-12-11-15-31-50 2016-12-11-15-31-55

Then, the LA Junction.

2016-12-11-15-47-07 2016-12-11-15-47-27 2016-12-11-15-47-33 2016-12-11-16-16-29And lastly, some hold overs from that original Monon layout, now being used to test his current client project.