A recent Reddit thread made me realize I should share some photos of some of the high quality TTRAK modules that I’ve seen (and a few that I’ve built that might measure up).

Scott Wahl’s Bethlehem Steel Modules

Scott Wahl’s Roslyn VA Module

A former Erie Lackawanna locomotive that’s now a Conrail “Patch Out”.

Lee Weldon’s Cumberland MD

Randy Gustafson’s “Oil City Area” Modules

Randy is primarily a Santa Fe guy, but he scratches the itch to model “local stuff” with a gorgeous set of TTRAK modules.   

My PA 216 Modules

Patterned after a real scene on the Northern Central, these modules are intended to be an example of “what I do” that I can take to shows.


My Glenarm MD Module

My dad scratch built me an incredible model of the Glenarm station that’s up the street from my place and it deserved to be shown off. I’m not in love with my scenic work here, but the station deserves to be seen every chance I can.

The “Cancer Module”

My dad went through some health stuff a few years ago and I thought that building something together would be a good way to help him get through it. This is the module we worked on together. Keep an eye out for it in an upcoming major model railroad magazine.


My Bridesburg Modules

I grew up in Northeast Philly, between Frankford and Bridesburg. I have fond early memories of seeing trains in the neighborhood and during the COVID lockdown decided to build something to connect with my early memories. That turned into a chemical facility modeled after a combination of the Rohm & Haas and Allied Chemical plants and a “switching lead” module that drew heavily on this corner across the street from the place my grandfather spent most of working life.


My Dad’s PRR Mainline Harrisburg to Pittsburgh Modules

I come from a model railroading family. My dad, obviously, was a huge inspiration.


2018-07-15-14.43.25 2018-07-15-14.43.19 2018-07-15-14.43.15 2018-07-15-14.01.06 2018-07-15-14.01.18 2018-07-15-14.01.35

My Mom’s TTRAK Modules


2018-07-15-14.44.40 2018-07-15-14.44.27 2018-07-15-14.44.10 2018-07-15-14.44.16 2018-07-15-14.44.19 2018-07-15-14.44.23 2018-07-15-14.44.04 2018-07-15-14.44.00 2018-07-15-14.43.56 2018-07-15-14.43.51