Guess it’s time for another update with some recent pics on the progress of the New NCR layout.

Recent work has focused on getting track in place and wired in York and Windsor St and painting everything to get rid of the dreaded “nuclear green field” look.

First an overview of the chaos that is the layout room right now. IĀ really need to straighten up. Or maybe just hang some black skirting to hide my shame.

So lets see some details.

First, Pershing Ave before I painted it.

Not exactly a spot on recreation of reality, but I feel like I’m closing in.

You can really see the difference some paint makes though.

So let’s take a tour of where things stand currently from the north end.

There is still so, so much more to do, but it’s nice feeling like progressĀ is being made.

Of course, there are always plenty of other problematic distractions just around the corner…

But that’s a topic for a whole other post.