Well shit. I keep thinking about my layout as “the project I just started”, and then I realized that this post introducing it was over a year and a half ago. Yikes! Here’s the latest on my new NCR.

The big news: I can successfully run laps around York. There are still some spots where pickup is a bit spotty (since I haven’t finished getting frogs wired yet), but even the performance of the temporary return loops seems reliable enough to live with.

This is the current track plan with the temporary loops.

And here are some overview shots of the layout as it sits this morning.



Important projects recently are getting switch control in place for all of the switches in the yard done (although not wired yet), and getting the first lightweight spackle down to smooth out the scenery around CP LOUCKS. You can see that above. Paint, dirt and ground cover should be coming any day now.

Here are a bunch of switch throws waiting for fascia to be installed. I’m using an old school Dymo label maker for switch labels to reinforce the old school 70s/80s vibe.

And lastly, this level of completion allows me to have some fun. Here’s that GRB train again.

As usual, you can follow my ongoing progress on my Railwire thread.