I know this is about 3 months late, but during the B&O Museum’s Holiday Festival of Trains, I got a chance to stretch the legs on my four EMD “pups” (end cab switchers) with a coal train.

Now, that might seem like an odd choice of a thing to run behind some switchers, but before the lines were sold off to the Reading and Northern, Conrail’s “Reading Cluster” was the domain of SW1001s, SW1500s and MP15DCs. Thanks to Micro-Trains and Atlas, I was able to re-create those scenes (albeit on 3 track mainlines) the week before last Christmas.

And a slightly blurry shot at another location.

And, before you call me a liar… http://conrailphotos.thecrhs.org/OnLocationWithConrail/HardCoalCountry

Some pics.