I was honored to be asked to be asked to present on my NCR layout at the 2017 NMRA Mid-Eastern Region Susquehannock convention.  This post includes the download of the presentation and some additional materials that I included and couldn’t include in the clinic.

Download the Presentation

Download the a PDF.

Contact Ed

Send Ed an email: [email protected]

Larger Photos

Zoom in on some of the photos from the presentation.

NCR Orientation Map

A map of the NCR, as modeled.
A map of the NCR, as modeled.

Scenes Along the NCR


Why York?


Why Winter?


Layout Tour

Winter Reference Photos

Layout Documentation

Images and PDFs of all of my documents are available on my Windsor Street Operations Documents post.

More Layout Photos

Layout Construction Photos

And More From The Site

The Windsor Street in York tag is the quickest way to find all of the posts I’ve written about Windsor, but there is a lot more content here too, which you can explore with other tags listed on the tags page, or using the quick links below.

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