This is information for and from my presentation about TrainCrew at the 2022 MARPM Event.

First off, here’s a link to the TrainCrew App.

Here’s a link to view the presentation:

Additional Resources

Here are a few links that might useful for those of you who survived my presentation.

First, Bill Brillinger’s “BNML Conductor’s App” that inspired a lot of my App’s functionality.

Nex, reading material. Lance Mindheim’s “How to Operate a Modern Era Switching Layout” book that started this whole thing. In honesty, Lance has a bunch of great “modern era” books. Go look at them all. Next Thomas Klimoski’s great stuff, including his book “Building the Right Sized Layout”. Also, of course, if you haven’t read the referenced John Armstrong book, here’s an Amazon link (for some reason I can’t find it on Kalmbach’s site).



Here are some inspirational Youtube Channels:

And lastly, the Prototype Model Railroad Operations Facebook group if you haven’t deleted your Facebook account yet.