I use Picasa to store most of my photographs. This is a list of some of the more interesting galleries.

Model Photos

NCR Shelf Layout Construction Photos

The “NCR Shelf” layout is one of the two major projects currently in progress at home. This is the construction album.

From 1615 Shelf Layout Construction

My Old Apartment Layout

I built a door layout back when we lived in our apartment. Here are the photos of it, from beginning to end.

From Apartment Layout

My TTRAK Modules

I currently only have one completed, but as more get done, the photos will be here.

From TTRAK Modules

Urban OneTRAK Module

One of the my two OneTRAK modules is based on an urban switching theme.

From Urban oNeTRAK Module

Urban OneTRAK Module Revisions

I wasn’t in love with the way the module had been working, with the large industry’s back almost always being facing the audience at shows, so I decided to rework it and make it more open. I replaced the one industry with a chemical company, and the other with a scrap yard.

From Urban OneTRAK Module Revisions

Interchange OneTRAK Module

My other OneTRAK module is based on an interchange between a shortline and Conrail.

From Interchange oNeTRAK Module

Lowering Fox Valley Models 50′ Boxcars

I was disappointed with the ride height of my newly arrived AM and V&O boxcars, so I set about to fix the situation.

From Lowering Fox Valley Models 50′ Boxcars

My Modified Bowser N5 Caboose

Out of the box, the N scale Bowser N5 is, well, rather half baked. I put the work in to finish the job.

From N Scale Conrail N5 Caboose

Old Model Photos

I’ve turned up some older photos I’ve taken that are uncategorized, so I’ve put them in this gallery.

From Old Model Photos

MOW Study

When working out some ideas for my shelf layout, I realized I wasn’t sure the best way to approach the railroad right of way. To answer my questions, I did a quick “study” piece to work them out.

From MOW Study

Photos of N Scale Railbox 50′ Boxcars

These are some photos I took for my list of available N scale Railbox cars.

From N Scale Railbox Cars

Conrail SD40-2 6366 Roster Photos

Some photos of my favorite kitbash: CR 6366.

From N Scale Conrail SD40-2 CR 6366

Conrail C424 2415 Roster Photos

I took a Life-Like C424 and did some work to improve its looks, including adding faked in frame members to get rid of some of the “daylight” above the trucks.

From Conrail 2415 Roster Shots

GP15-1 Roster Shots

Roster shots of a pair of my Atlas GP15-1s.

From N Scale Conrail GP15s

Roster Shots

I’ve taken some photos and aggregated others for use elsewhere on this site. Here’s where I keep them.

From Conrail1285 Roster Shots

Layout Visits

I occasionally get a chance to visit other modeler’s layouts. Here are some photos from my various trips.

Various Trips to Lee Weldon’s

I’ve been to Lee’s great WM layout a bunch of times. Here are some different albums from the different trips.

From Lee Weldon’s Layout Trip
From Lee Weldon’s Layout Visits

Ken McCory’s Buffalo Line

I was in Philadelphia for a very sad occasion, but got the opportunity to attend one of Ken’s impressive op sessions. To say it was the highlight of my weekend is a vast understatement.

From Ken McCory’s 6/4/2011

Todd Treaster’s NYS&A

Besides being a great guy, Todd Treaster has built a great layout! Here are some pics from a trip I took there back in 2008.

From Todd Treaster’s NYS&A


I’m a member of Baltimore Area NTRAK, and these are some photos of our layout at different events.

October 2009 Great Scale Show

From Timonium Show 10/09

2008 B&O Museum

From BANTRAK BandO Museum 2008

2007 B&O Museum Show

BANTRAK sets up an annual layout at the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore. Here are some photos from the first year we setup our oNeTRAK stuff there in 2007.

From B&O Museum Show 2007

2007 October Great Scale Show in Timonium

From October 2007 GSTMS