N Scale has been lacking good bridge shoes for years. There are few out there, and those that are aren’t that great. Until now.

Bridge shoes are the metal pieces that sit between a bridge’s structure and the piers and abutments that support it.

My friend John who is Keystone Details on Shapeways, saw my lamenting about the lack of these important details, and did something about it. He drew one up (in an amazingly short amount of time) and put a 20 pack up on his Shapeways store.

Not only did he design them to look like the real thing, but he designed them to WORK like the real thing: pivoting about their axis for situations where bridges are not completely level.

After a good soak in Bestine to remove the supporting wax that Shapeways leaves on the parts, I was given these beauties.

You can find these on Shapeways here, and the rest of John’s really cool stuff here.


Here they are in action…

2016-05-10-21.05.45 2016-05-10-21.05.55