I consider myself incredibly lucky to live in an area surrounded by fellow modelers. One of the perks of this is getting to participate in ops sessions on their railroads. I was able to do this at my friend John’s first “real” session.

John allowed us to use power we brought, and so I decided to try out my newest operable addition to the fleet, GP7 5601.

I teamed up with my friend Josh to do two jobs: the Brunswick yard job and the Baltimore local. The yard itself was somewhat quiet, and really just meant building up the train for the local we’d take out shortly.

5601 in Brunswick Yard

Once our train was all together, we headed out. Not too far, however, because we sat waiting for the Juice Train to clear up so we could run east to the city. One of John’s recent projects was the installation of signaling, so we had a red dwarf telling us to cool our jets.

We eventually got a clear, and headed off to do our work. Josh was doing engineer duties, so I was doing the leg work. This also allowed me to pose the train for some photos in the industrial area we were working in.





After doing our work in the industrial area, we got our caboose and built our train to head back to the yard.


With the train built, we were ready to head back to the yard. As before, our movements were governed by working signals.


We got an approach, but waited a minute for a more favorable aspect before heading off on a clear.