I know I’ve been quiet since I got things running around the one loop, so here’s a quick recap on where things sit right now.

Benchwork for Phase 3 is all built, up, and covered with foam (with the exception of the staging yard).

2016-03-23-11.04.44 2016-03-23-11.05.092016-03-23-17.01.41

An overall shot of the basement.


Land forms have been taking shape on top of the base layer of foam too.

This is the future location of Wago Junction.

2016-04-09-18.31.06And the area where the railroad crosses the Codorus Creek on “Black Bridge” is also coming along.




And, lastly, some progress on the bridge itself. It’s assembled from Micro Engineering girders, with an acrylic deck. Did you know Lowes sells sheets of Acrylic? I didn’t either, until the other day.2016-04-18-10.48.28 2016-04-18-10.50.43


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