The 2″ styrofoam that we modelers use is often difficult to find. It’s sometimes available in big box home retailers, but finding the 2″ that I prefer is tough. Additionally, recently, Owens Corning has changed their 2″ style to use lap joints at the ends, instead of tongue and groove. This means that we end up with about 3″ of sheet that actually isn’t fully 2″ deep, and is a problem if you’re using it for benchwork.

Well, an email to the helpful folks at Bond Lumber in Timonium MD informed me that they don’t have it, but they checked around for me and found someone who does: The FV Vleck Company. I was instructed to call (410-276-8500) and ask for Bill, who was very helpful.

So if you’re a Baltimore area modeler, and are looking for 2″ styrofoam, give them a call. They’re only open during normal business hours, however, so expect to head over on a week day.