Roster shot of my Conrail GP10 5863

Conrail’s aged fleet of roadswitchers underwent a rebuilding program. Modifications included reconfiguring air intakes, removing dynamic brakes and other internal upgrades. When outshopped, these units were classified GP8s (for units that began as GP7s) and GP10s (for units that began as GP9s).

My model of 5863 is not a model of a particular locomotive. It is actually a melding of common practices. It started as an Atlas GP9 model, to which I applied numerous details. I sanded off the dynamic brake details, including the fans and louvers, and sanded the area flat. I then added a Sunrise Enterprise air filter box, and relocated the horn above the radiator fans.

The model was then weathered with my vodka wash technique. I paid special attention to the the grill areas, where I went extra heavy with the wash to really bring out the louver and grill details.

5863 is not an accurate GP10 number, however, I decided to skip stripping and renumbering the model, simply because I was lazy.

Sitting on a siding on one of my OneTRAK modules.
Sitting on a siding on one of my OneTRAK modules.