December 2015 Weathering Binge

The annual BANTRAK Festival of Trains show at the B&O museum is coming up, which means I’m going to have an opportunity to show off a bunch of my rolling stock. However, I realized my stockpile of cars needing weathering has grown significantly, so it was time to do something about that.


N Scale NE6 Caboose 23879

Years ago I picked up one of the Atlas NE6 cabooses when they first came out. I did some work on it, but realized I wasn’t happy with what I had done. That car got retired and replaced by a newer model, purchased at a recent train show.

All about N Scale Railboxes

For years the ubiquitous 50′ exterior post Railbox car was missing from the N scale market. Microtrains and Model Die Casting had made them years ago, but up until about a year ago, finding them was hit or miss. Then Athearn bought MDC and started re-releasing their “Berwick” box cars. One of their first roadnames […]